Thursday, May 1, 2008

SeaLife DC800 Digital Camera

DC800_Housing_CameraFinally a small digital camera which can go more than 30 feet underwater.  The best point and shoot cameras up to this point were the Pentax Optio and the Olympus underwater cameras, but they do not really go deep underwater.  However, they do not need cases.  Many other cameras including Sony and Canon cameras can be purchased with expensive underwater cases but also do not go particularly deep.  The SeaLife DC 800 is a good 8MP camera for surface pictures and with its case can go 200 feet deep and has been specially designed for underwater shooting.  If you are a regular diver this is your best choice camera at under $500. Buy here.


3G iPhone May Be Unlocked

Apple iPhone 3G There is speculation that because AT&T is planning to offer a $200 discount on new iPhones - Apple may be planning to offer its new 3G iPhone in an unlocked form through Apple stores.

With this there is also speculation that there will be 2 types of iPhone possibly available one thicker version that can be locked by the cell phone provider and a thinner version sold by Apple.

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