Friday, April 25, 2008

Petition Against Ridiculous Wireless Data Prices in Canada

As many of you may know consumers in Canada are being gouged by the wireless phone companies here - largely because of the lack of competition.  Many people myself included believe that the companies involved are being particularly shortsighted and the company which made the first move towards what I am going to suggest would likely reap huge rewards.

My suggestion is to go to the Sprint "The Simply Everything Plan".   The plan includes Unlimited talk (including long distance and roaming all over the USA), Web surfing, emailing, texting, video-messaging, picture-sharing, GPS navigation, push-to-talk, and Sprint TV and Music programming.  All for $99!

Many telcom analysts believe that plans like this which allow consumers to no longer fear extra costs, of any kind, is going to drive real change in the marketplace.

The only thing missing in this plan is that it should also include both the USA and Canada with no roaming for either data or talk.  If you are listening Sprint - if you implement this people from Canada will cross the border to sign up with you especially with the current strength of the Canadian dollar vis-a-vis the US dollar.

At minimum the wireless phone companies here should introduce reasonably priced all you can eat data plans like those from AT&T for the iPhone in the US.  I encourage everyone to sign this online petition - it already has 5375 votes as of this writing.